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As health care practitioners, we are truly privileged that our commitment and dedication is acknowledged by our patients. A patient’s testimonial is the highest level of reward that we can expect for our work.

The following are true testimonials submitted by our patients and posted with their permission.

5 Stars - 12/APL/2017

My general doctor was very helpful regarding my skin condition, and also courteously asked me if I would want to be recommended to the dermatologist on site or somewhere else.

I loved all the staffs on the dental side. Nancy was friendly and helpful in answering all my (stupid) questions. The dentist, was very patient and explained my condition step by step, so that I could understand. The hygienist was chatty, and I did not feel like I was in a clinic (have had bitter experiences in other clinics).

And, I cannot stress about the convenience of everything being in the same location.


5 Stars - 10/APL/2017

My experience with HealthOne center was extraordinary thanks to the amazing doctor along with her great colleagues. A great team and very helpful staff.

Ahmad S.

5 Stars - 17/MAR/2017

Super helpful to have all our appointments in once clinic. The dentist office has been especially friendly and thorough with us as patients.

Joanna J.

5 Stars - 10/DEC/2016

I really like HealthOne. First of all, the medical staff is great, kind and helpful. I am specifically grateful for the support of the Dental Care staff. The doctor, is extremely kind, friendly and conscientious. She has got all the positive factors that a doctor should have.

Azadeh S.

5 Stars - 27/NOV/2016

My first visit to HealthOne was excellent, the staff was very professional and the hygienist that work on me was great. Now i'm a regular customer to Health One clinic and am very happy with the work that they are doing.

Merlyna D.

5 Stars - 07/NOV/2016

I went for a dental cleaning. My first time to the dentist in a long time and my first visit to HealthOne. The staff were very nice and professional. The hygienist that worked on me was great. HealthOne has a new permanent customer in me.

Amit P.

5 Stars - 12/OCT/2016

I like the fact they have everything on-site, even the pharmacy! It's big, clean and modern, their washroom is a bit old fashioned but that's fine. My doctor did urine test on the spot, very useful if you need an answer RIGHT NOW, uh busy ladies :)

I would definitely recommend this clinic to others! They have multi-lingual doctors, which is also helpful for our multi-cultural North York area.

Marina C.

5 Stars - 20/SEP/2016

Never been a person who likes going to dentists, but after going to HealthOne, I have no problem or fear. The staff was really great and made me feel comfortable.

Would recommend this dental office and clinic to anyone.

Thomas G.

5 Stars - 18/SEP/2016

The dentist is very professional and efficient. I waited for less than 5 minutes until I got called. The staff there is very friendly and helpful too. I highly recommend this clinic.

Sofia Z.

5 Stars - 09/AUG/2016

The people working at this clinic were very professional and had a way of making the patients feel relaxed and at home. Their work was extremely well-conducted and precise, allowing the procedures to be finished relatively quickly and smoothly comparing to other clinics. Overall the clinic meets and exceeds expectations and is highly recommended.

Iynn Z.

5 Stars - 12/MAY/2016

This was my second time here and I have to say this place is by far the best clinic in the area. The staff is always so nice and the clinic is impeccably clean and modern. The first time I visited and had to see a doctor it was refreshing when he actually took his time with my symptoms and explained everything so patiently. And this great care extended out to the pharmacy as well. Most recently I went in for some rehab and again it was such a great experience. The medical community needs more clinics like this that actually care about their patients.

Paul B.

5 Stars - 10/MAY/2016

Fantastic experience from start to finish. The waiting area is filled with incredibly comfortable seats, which is ironic considering how little time I needed to sit in them before being admitted to a room.

The doctors and dentist I saw were all very competent and kind, and I was amazed by how smoothly every visit went. I've never needed to wait more than a few minutes, either in the waiting area or in the doctor's office, before being seen to and taken care of.

I've been there a number of times, both for dental and for the health clinic. Every time I've gone there I've been impressed by them.

Overall the best clinic I have been to in Toronto.

Alex T.

5 Stars - 05/MAY/2016

An excellent experience overall. The waiting area is modern and comfortable. The staff was kind and helpful. The good thing about this place is that all of the services that I needed are in one place. This saved me a lot of time from running around to different offices.

I have recommended HealthOne to my friends and family.

Ajay S.

5 Stars - 08/MAR/2016

I'm so happy I found this multi-purpose clinic, I'm a new patient and everything has been quick and easy so far. Need an appointment they book it as soon as possible, eyes checked with contact fittings done, teeth cleaning done. I was in the other day for my initial dentist exams and cleaning and stayed almost the whole day, they cleared time so I could have multiple cavities repaired so that I wouldn't loss more time off work. I don't know of many offices that will work on you the same day so thank you for putting your patients needs over anything else.

Chana M.

5 Stars - 02/SEP/2016

All the services under one roof?! It was very convenient for me to get all my needs met. Friendly staff and relatively short wait time was added bonus. Will definitely go back to HealthOne Medical Centre for my next medical visit.

Soojin P.


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